Come Children, be witness to the Miracle.

Come Children, turn your heads around.

Face the brightening beam that leads you now to the Lantern of The Sky.

Believe me, when I say there is nothing wrong…

With admitting where you fail, and what you do not know.

I was once where you are… I walked here beside you…

But I did it from the dark.

Always watching. Always knowing, we share a bleeding heart.

And some will know, with only that clue

Who I was, and what I still do.

Or maybe what matters, is when I choose not to move…

Come Children, witness the Miracle…
Yes, I will teach you…

How to move.

Come Children, take my lead, Everything you could ever need

Begins in the ground, beneath your feet.

This is my offering of truth, if you’ll take it from me…

So take it from me.

Now, who determines the measure of a man?

Be he born in a storm of stars,

Be he brewed up in these cruel sands.

Come Children, I want you to last…

Witness these miracles,
Your Primo will not let you pass…

No, I won’t let you pass from the face of the Earth,

And I won’t let you sink back into the dirt.

Yes, I am the Gardener, you are the seeds, I’m not putting you down, I am setting you free.

Yes, I am the Carpenter, your world is the tree, I’m not cutting it down, I will promise you peace…

And I will show you how to grow.

I will teach you what life was always meant to be…

If you can

Trust in me.
I will bid you light,
As you turn your gaze
To the Lantern of The Sky
That is who I am…

I am your Primo.

You are the Children.

This is the Miracle…

I want you to witness.

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