Why Omcha Chama Exploded

In those days,

We lived on the face

Of a god whose place

Was sat staring into the Sun.

He stood to turn,

His back was burned,

As the world fell dark, at once.

And it was for our relief

That the giant did speak,

In agony and pain…

“You live on the face

Of a god who waits

To swallow the Sun, someday.”

But no, he didn’t wait.

Omcha played no games;

He crafted a javelin

From a clump of clay…

And no, he didn’t wait.

The god took aim…

At the Moon

He would use

To light our way…

The javelin crashed

Into the Moon, and smashed it…

Omcha gathered the shattered fragments

And fashioned a pair of magical sunglasses.

So we all might see.

As light flooded into the world again…

The Sun set, and the story began.

He trained,

To prepare for the war

He would wage against the sky.

He ran far,

He dove deep,

Omcha witnessed

The beauty of life.

He chased

The Spirit of The Night

Into a cave,

a cave,

And it came back out stronger.
He eventually destroys spirit somehow,

And it’s absence forces the sun to remain stuck in sky.

He tries to toss a golem at the sun, and we see it shrink gradually as it approached taunting sun, eventually becoming a burn mark.

Also Omcha loses countenance as golem fades into uselessness.

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