Why Omcha Chama Exploded

1. In those days,

We lived on the face

Of a god whose place

Was sat staring into the Sun.

2. He stood to turn,

His back was burned…

As the world fell dark, at once.

3. And it was for our relief

That the giant did speak

In agony, exclaiming…

4. “You live on the face

Of a god who waits…

To swallow the Sun, someday.”

5. But no, he didn’t wait.

Omcha played no games;

He crafted a javelin

From a clump of clay…

6. And no, he didn’t wait.

The god took aim…

At the Moon

He would use

To light our way…

7. The javelin crashed

Into the Moon, and smashed it…

Omcha gathered the shattered fragments

And fashioned a pair of magical sunglasses.

So we all might see.

8. As light flooded into the world again…

The Sun set, and the story began.

9. He trained,

For what soon became

The epic of his time…

He ran far,

He dove deep,

Omcha witnessed

The beauty of life

(As did we, through his eyes).

10. He chased

The Spirit of The Night

Into the Deep Abyss.

She emerged in a vengeful blitz,

But Omcha knew a trick…

11. He trapped the Spirit in a jar,

Then he kicked it so hard

That it flew so far…

And he wasn’t done yet…

Because Omcha knew,

With the Spirit trapped,

That night couldn’t fall…

So the Sun couldn’t set…

12. With the plan going

Just as he’d wanted,

Omcha walked over

To a gigantic boulder,

And laughing, he launched it…

Into the sky, at his target…



14.”Why did you stop me??” our god madly demanded,

Rafa landed,

And calmly responded…

“Chama, my brother…

Hear what I’m saying,

I am here to confront you

For this war you are waging

Against the sky, above you.

15. Do you know what the Sun has given,

Just by having risen?

If you hadn’t stood to turn,

You wouldn’t have been burned…

You sat staring for too long,

And so now, you are blind.

Your trouble began when you turned your back on the Sun.”

16. Omcha Chama considered this…

Then turned to Omcha Rafa, and hissed

“It’s true that the Sun

Has given, and given…

But that doesn’t matter.

It was my decision…

17. To stand up, and change the idle way

I’d been living…

And if that’s the reason

I deserved to be burned,

Then even the Sun

Has a lesson to learn…

No matter what you give,

No matter how many times,

You’re never too big to

Respect another’s life.

18. Rafa squatted.

“This means a lot to you.

And I’m not sure what you want to do,

But I do know that anything good

Must come from the ground…

If we want to get up there,

We first have to dig down.”

They shared in understanding,

And drew up a plan…

19. They dug

Into the mud,

And built up a tower

Into the sky above.

It was so hot,

But the brothers didn’t stop

In their conspiracy against the Sun.

20. It answered this challenge

With fantastic intensity,

Like the brothers had never seen before…

The clay on the ground was baking in the vengeful rays of the Spiteful Star

21. Omcha Rafa hollered,

“It’s getting even hotter… I’ll go get us some water.”

But sliding to the bottom, Rafa bumped into a column…

And the tower started rocking.

Our god was obviously obsessed,

“If we’re going down, it’s with NO REGRETS!”

22. Omcha tore a clump of clay from the tower’s core…

And sculpted a giant fork.

And of course, we expected him to toss it into the sky…

Like the javelin.

Like the Boulder.

Like the Spirit of The Night.

But no.

He stabbed it into the shaky floor…

 And just as the tower could stand no more,

Omcha leapt for the Sun, using the fork as a enormous springboard!

23. But no, it didn’t work.

We fell to the earth,

The tower had fallen,

And our god had been hurt.

Omcha Rafa was blown away in a dusty wave.

But we were safe.

24. Omcha slowly sat up,

From the dust.

His mind a mess, his heart heavy,

And his sunglasses busted…

But if you knew Omcha, then you know he wasn’t afraid

To stare into the Sun.

25. “I’m still going to do it.

A thousand towers. I’ll fall as many times.

And there’s plenty of Moon left.

You should know…


26. The SUn smiled at Omcha…

And suddenly we knew

What he had to prove,

And what he stood to lose.

It had to be right now.

27. But first…

Omcha wiped his brow…

And set us down,

On solid ground.

He stood to turn…

And spotted a flock of birds…

And… He… They…

28. They carried him straight to the Sun…

He opened his… He… Omcha…

As the world fell dark, at once…


29. We loved Omcha Chama,

But not because he took on

Impossible odds,

And lost.


30. No, we love Omcha Chama,

Because he didn’t just wait…

Our god took aim…


Truly believing he could make it…

And forever, we will remember…

No, his efforts were not wasted.


32. Thank you, Omcha Chama.


(Ending scenes will showin the wake of the explosion:

Omcha Rafa making fist, in a similar declaration of war,

Spirit of the Night watching the combustion in the sky

Sunglasses laying on ground

The Final panel will show the bugs all huddled together in solidarity.)

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