When the wind is so loud That nobody would hear, Why do we scream to the absent ear? Why do we reach for the mountaintop, With our eyes so bright, yet our legs still crossed? Why do we love so hard, make friends, just to crack their shell, and leave them again? Where are we […]


How many hearts will have to break? How many sacred halls will be desecrated By their hauntings? Acting like we don’t know What we lost, Pretending that we don’t know What it costs… To be wanted. If I were 66 feet tall, I’d crumple these letters into a ball And hold them out before the […]


      From the Black Bell Tower is a chain That swings. It’s tethered to the arm of the Keeper who grieves For the loss of life, And the spilling of the seed When families fight in the name of greed. In the Black Bell Tower, there are stairs That rise, Running upward in a […]