No, I won’t be mad. I promise you…

No, I’ll never be gone. Honestly.

I’ll be in Jannah, waiting for you.

You will know this in time. You have so much still to do.

Read this promise aloud, when you find yourself scared…

This will give these words power.

This will make them a prayer.

I could never be so far

That I’ll miss the call

When you need me and are pleading

To end it all.

I will surf the heavens,

Until I find the spot

Where your prayers

Have made ripples

In the ethereal cloth.

Listen: Don’t find a boy or girl

Who want to make you an example.

Don’t find a boy or girl

You have to “handle”.

Find yourself first.

Young Seeker repeat these verses

“I am the greatest gift”.

Lift your voice,

Please believe as I do

In the miracle

Of the Eternal Trip.


Let me find out you’ve been taking his licks-

I’ll gather the clouds around my fist.

I’ll come spiraling down in a tower of mist,

To remove his jaw. Sever his limbs.

It might take me a year to figure out where he lives,

But I’ll get him,

And strip him

Of spirit and flesh.

But before I leave on the breath of the breeze,

I’ll blow your way.

I’ll blow you a kiss.

My sister, Young Seeker,

Forever know this, I am always your keeper.

And you? You are the greatest gift.

The Devil can’t touch you,

For as long as you live.


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