Don’t you know you can’t go leaving me with anything this sticky, or half this sweet?

Because I’m gonna lick up all your love,

Until our lips are glistening, and my tongue goes numb.

The glory you bring is all I ever need,

And the honey pot you brought is twice as deep.

Still, if it spills don’t say I’ve had too much… Because a taste to last all day

Could never be enough.

I’m not here to bring you to your knees.

I’d rather tip you over, so I can finally see

The meaning of life, as told in this fantasy;

If there’s anything in that honey pot left to eat.

And if there’s something good we can’t quite reach

 I’m not giving up so easily.

We’ll just flip it upside-down,

And smack the bottom, squeeze it out,

Until we get it all.


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