How many hearts will have to break?

How many sacred halls will be desecrated

By their hauntings?

Acting like we don’t know

What we lost,

Pretending that we don’t know

What it costs…

To be wanted.

If I were 66 feet tall,

I’d crumple these letters into a ball

And hold them out before the Sun,

Eclipse this way, to end the day

Yes, end them all.

If I were 66 leagues deep,

I’d be no wetter than the sheets

Where you first gave yourself to me,

Yes, end them all.

At this distance from your presence,

 I still can’t manage to forget,

Not the softness of your lips,

Not the pleasure of their wetness.

And I was not a witness,

But a willing participant,

Why do we now clamor for forgiveness

Were we not innocent?




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