You didn’t know you were born

Under a New Moon, did you?

You were born in the city of


Take it into your lungs, take it in.

This is your brother calling, this is me.

And who are you? If only you knew.

You are the one who tipped the scales

When you burst forth into this dimension.

You are the one whose inclusion, whose very existence

Finally meant that we outnumbered the enemy.

Under that lightless New Moon, I watched my Mama go pale.

And I saw a ball of shining black hair,

Slick and smooth, unwrap itself from the head

Of the mighty beast who rose from a different sea.

With a different authority.

He said “This is your brother coming. This is me.”

And the angels, the imps, and all in-between gave their nods,

And the Dragon bit his own tongue, wincing in disgust at this great offense.

I turned to the hospital window, to bow my head, and join in the thankful prayer

Of the New Moon, hovering low


Over the Crescent City.


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