I Have A Theory

Almost all the brush-offs  Are actually tight, loving squeezes “I love you so much, but I can’t hear you over the rising echoes of the bullet that ricocheted when you took aim at the shield I’d carried, a shield with both our names etched beautifully into its backing. My secret. The side that’s held closest […]


You can get to me Anytime you please But come Winter, We know, we’ll be up on our feet. Come Winter, we know we’ll be smelling so sweet, Golden roses, now frozen Under a solid sheet Of icicle kisses that seal our lips And chill our bodies, down  To our brittle fingertips- Come Winter, We’ll […]


Sons and daughters, The breast you’re suckling from Is attached to the shoulder of The arm that swings The silverstone club  To bash the softened skulls Of your infant brothers and sisters Unfortunate enough to be found  Too high, too low, or too weak To reach the same sour nipple From which all Lesser Apes […]


Just listen to them. The way they talk. Butterflies die, when we take our evening walks. Not possession, This is simply obsession. That’s why you can never Break my hollow heart. They love me. Just me. And I’ll lead them into this sallow dimension, If they keep just one promise; That when it’s over, they […]


It was not a question, Although presented as such. It was a moment for education.  To shock some manhood into me. I guess that was his reasoning. Late night, at an office building in  Baton Rouge, I saw the miracle of life Come to an end. And my mother covered her mouth,  Lifting a hand […]