She wishes to be touched,

But shrinks away from his hand.

She longs to feel his passion, but cannot hear his confession.

She craves communication, but shares nothing with him.

She craves closeness, but she is hurt.

So she pulls away.

He cannot hold her. He hardly exists.

She cannot see him, she can only wish.

Both believing they know who the other truly is

But that’s not reality. This is the real myth:

That these two souls, no matter how close

Could ever feel, or ever know

One another’s true heart.

That is the myth. The hardest part to believe.

He believes there is no hope for their future. That he has destroyed it.

And so he too, pulls away.

Until they are torn apart.

And so, Nothing separated from Something.

Matter separated from Emptiness.

Energy, in the form of fiery stars, split from the darkness of the Void,

The distance left between the two

Forever to be known as “Space,”

Thus giving birth to our universe of

What Is and What Is Not.


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