It was not a question,

Although presented as such.

It was a moment for education. 

To shock some manhood into me.

I guess that was his reasoning.

Late night, at an office building in 

Baton Rouge,

I saw the miracle of life

Come to an end.

And my mother covered her mouth,

 Lifting a hand in protest. But knew better than to speak.

A slideshow of decomposition was funneled into my soggy brain.

It was the Faces of Death

That he wanted me to memorize.

It was the Faces of Death

That he wanted me to know.

Why wear a mask?

Why do this to my mind?

Why not be honest about this?

Just take it off.

Just peel it back.

You won’t. You want me suspended in uncertainty and apprehension.

You want me to be afraid.

You’re so simple-minded though.

You can just take the shit off, man…

Don’t you know, you can rip it off,

Let me see my trembling reflection

In your eyes,

If you want me to witness

The Faces of Death.

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