​Last night, I dreamt a dream of toxic lust;

You and I were alone again, at last.

We both know what we want

From each other, if not from ourselves.

And this is our frustration.

The fuel that propels us both

To the center of this room,

Before we collapse as one, to the sofa,

Where in secret, we play.

We both know, given the chance,

We will fully consume one another.

I dream of your lingering lipstick stain on my neck. I dream of your impossible thighs tightening around my waist,

How can you be real?

Tell me please, somebody, how she can be real.

Yes, I dream of your essence, to be enveloped by your scent.

There can be no escape for me.

You have no idea

What your body can make me do.

And you’re like me. A dreamer too.

I see it on your face. Don’t be afraid… I want you more than these words could ever impart.

I want you more than these waking thoughts can manifest.

It’s so wrong, it’s so wrong.

Squeeze me tighter, your power binds me

To you.

Your flower erupts into bloom, your lipstick fades

Before too soon.

If I am still the mountain you must climb,

When you reach the peak,

We will find

That you are also the powder snowfall

That cools my stone surface,

That graces my solid sides.

Last night, I dreamt a dream of toxic lust.

Squeeze me tighter,

Between your merciless thighs,

Oh my Goddess, do you know

That when you press me to your belly,

You smash the dimming bulb behind my halo,

You cut the lights behind my eyes,

With your pressure, with your cries,

You are relentless.

You are worthy of my every breath.

I will offer them to you,

On the wings of punishing desire.

I will die between your legs and our mouths

Will go dry, with shock.

Squeeze me tighter.

Feel my heart now,

Impact. Impact.

Palms to your knees,

Take hold,

Give in to me.

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