Before The End

I just want to do

What we were meant to do;

I’m anxious, I’m ready to bury my face

In your hair

And feel your bare chest

Sticking to mine.

Legs wrapped around each other

Like we might just drift away…

And what if we do?

What if we succumb

To the force that drives us

Closer to one another, and farther from the

Electric gaze

Of satellite slaves?

Why not bathe in each other’s essence?

Why not press deeper into this inner ring of torment?

Disintegrating lungs and tingling tongues

Exhaust themselves here.

I challenge you, your body,

To meet me halfway.

Confess those words not yet whispered in confidence.

Words not yet conceived, in the quiet safety of our embrace.

To know them, we must break free from our fears.

Give in to me, before the end.

Give in to me before the end.

I will crown you.

I will enthuse you.

I will wipe you from the face of this planet,

And smear your love across

The nearest wall.

There is nothing else.

There is only this.

You let me in

Before the end.

Drift away, and back again.

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