2 shots. They mark the spot Where the Caribbean Queen Split my soggy heart. She stopped the clock. Pulled me close. What she did next,  Nobody knows…  But dizzy, I was spinning into  Shallow blues. Hunting for her treasure, She was seeking too. For a young man’s blood, Still sick with rum, 2 more shots […]


Sophistication. It clings, like sweet perfume. Make no mistake… She commands the upper room. She was delicately designed With legs so fine, they wrap around my mind… I see it all, in her crystal ball, When I kneel before her shrine. And these butterflies are rising by the millions, In celebration of this woman, And […]


I fed my baby spoonfuls of beautiful diamonds. I stripped the clouds of all their silver linings. And dressed her hair in a wreath of flowers, nameless and rare… Before she served me with a dish of sour silence. The angels offered up their prayers, once gathered, But I’d already let her go. For after […]