I was wondering if you’d be down

To lose your mind, where peace is found,

And the blue lights flicker with a crackling sound,

Follow my lead, to the underground.

I’m not trying to push, I’m only dying to know

If it’s only in the dark that your true colors show.

I aim to deliver to you, the imagery. To gift you a sacred truth.

It’s something I hold close. My peace. I know that you know, I’m speaking straight to you.

Because it’s easier for me to write this piece, than to steady my gaze, and attempt to speak

In such a way that would fully convey the ways that I crave you, and the reasons to stay.

The dark has a way of soothing the mind, allowing the unknown to just be as it may.

Reality itself takes the helm, guiding us into the depths. If you stay with me, in my bed, we will have no need for sight. There is only touch, and the crackling sound of those brilliant blue lights.

You’re right to be apprehensive. You’re right to exercise prejudice.

To assume my intentions.

But there is no price to be paid. Just an exchange to be made.

It’s cold in the underground. And your mouth is the warmth of daylight. Your tongue penetrates the mist I have allowed to swallow the room.

Your heavy breaths replace the sour gas that seeps through porous cave walls.

You restore all things you encounter.

You restore what light is left clinging to me

With your blood.

You cast off the ravenous shadows that swarm and claw at the empty basin of my soul.

This pit.

I just think your company would be nice.

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