I fed my baby spoonfuls of beautiful diamonds.
I stripped the clouds of all their silver linings.

And dressed her hair in a wreath of flowers, nameless and rare…

Before she served me with a dish of sour silence.

The angels offered up their prayers, once gathered,

But I’d already let her go.

For after basking in the brilliant glow her smile had once brightly shone,

I recognized her shadow to be my own…

Somehow reflecting back at me, by the shimmering surface of the murky  depths to which I was willing to sink,

For her.

But I’ve got a master plan, divine;

I’ve poured black cherry blood into each little line.

Snatching off my jacket, I reveal my new design;

A vision of frosted roses, to last for all of time.

Because the Devil wears a special vest for certain occasions,

The Devil’s vest is reddest, it demands your attention.

So entering the room, the Devil never needs to mention

His terrible name. His evil intention.

And when he loves you, you know it.

There’s no need to question.

But if you leave him in the dark, should he catch you second-guessing,

The fate you may face, is anybody’s bet,

There’s really no telling.

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