Last time I saw you, you were climbing the wall

Of a filthy Louisiana bathroom stall.

With my back to the door, I held my breath for the call;

You slipped through the window, but I took the fall.

You set the curtains on fire, and you never came back, 

You left me to burn, and I hated you for that.

And part of me was jealous of the courage you had,

When you slipped down that wall, into the wet grass.

Then *BOOM BOOM* on the door. My heart hit the floor.

Do you even know what you left in your place? 

Or that your name was in the papers

A day later?

What happened to naptime and applesauce lunches?

Where was brotherly love, when push came to shove, and shove came to punches?

But too long has passed. I can’t afford to care.

But do you know how alone, do you know how scared

You left me, you liar?

Left me waiting there.

I still remember the laughing mirror. The stupid shock spread on my face.
You slipped out of my life, when you slipped through the cracks.

Andre escaped, and he never came back.

But boy, you got free. And I love you for that. 

And I hate you so much. I still miss you so bad.

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