I’m not leaving you behind.

I’m just going first.

There is no way to make this soft, there is no way that this won’t hurt.

And if you ever come to find me, this I swear, 

You will see what’s left of me, still waiting there.

But in the meantime, live your life. Weave your web. Tie double-knots above your head. 

Because suspended in the scene, I want you to be. I want you to breathe, and feel free. 

There is nothing to gain by keeping you here. So again, I will move first. I’ll swallow my fear, and let you truly go.

I’ll sacrifice what little time another lie could buy.

There is only one of you, and I will not forget. But there’s a better future for you, and I’m not in it.

There is another world for me, full of strawberry soda waterfalls, sugar-coated walls, and not a single tear rolling.

I’ll be cool, and so will you, no matter how it hurts.

I’m not leaving you behind. But yes, I’m going first.

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