Let’s Go Down Together

So the land is laid down again. Offering her last breaths, struggling to keep our her reddened eyes. The leaves pay homage to her greater sacrifice, and they too, fall. They refuse to live without her. As the veil is lowered over our Maiden’s face, her lips offer a final, blown kiss of ice and […]

Papa Duende’s Last Days

The temple was constructed high among the great cedar trees of the forest, hanging there so ominously, yet so beautifully crafted by the hands of the faithful. Fantastic sky broke recklessly through the gaps between branch and leaf. Kneeling before their leader, a beautiful visage of silver fur and leather, mangled through the centuries. He was […]


I had followed you to Heaven. Pressed you into my skin. When you left me for the morning, I fell to the ground again. I stumbled to the water, believing I could see The paradise we shared Forever cast in these reflections, Without you catching me. I washed the red regret Out of a busted […]