I’ve been waiting for a revival.

The kind of electric shock that injects new life into the atoms floating in whichever direction it happens to strike.

Vibrations, it usually starts with frantic vibrations. There is a warmth that overtakes me. It feels a lot like pride, or accomplishment. But I know better. This doesn’t come from me.

It comes from the only thing that’s real. All we’ve ever really known. Nature. More specifically, a mechanism of nature known as “Inspiration.”

This is the divine vehicle through which all magic is conceived.

And this world is now witness to the resonance of everlasting satisfaction, manifesting itself in pigment, or verse, or solid form. When Inspiration is allowed to flourish under the tenderness of a loving gardener called “Motivation”, whose domain is the realm of “Imagination”…

The iron tinge of my own blood floods my nostrils, and the hairs along my neck rise to meet the electrifying, pulsating waves that wash over me. You may think I’m exaggerating, but when you feel it for yourself, you’ll know.

Because the ball-and-chain that hold you down, can take the shape of so many different things: People you care for, a job you believe you need, an environment you just can’t see yourself overcoming… Once you have been struck by her finger, once you have been received into her bosom,

You will be cloaked in blamelessness and purity, no matter how you were born, or the deeds littering the timeline of your life. For the instance that you are hers, that is all you will have ever been. Hers. You now have the power to move.

Once your name is heard, found numbered among those humors populating this otherworldly realm, you have become a lover of the true personification of nature. You have become a dealer of a rare and volatile substance. Now you’re learning to cook with HEAVY JUJU.





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