“Timeless” is this energy…

And your love has left its stains in me.

Still, I know you were made to leave,

No use in playing make-believe.

God knows, I’d offer you eternity,

But timeless is okay with me.

If you’ll just stay, in memory.

I’ve never felt like others feel.

I’ve never seen how others see.

But between our hearts, it’s clear to me,
For always, you’ll be near to me.

If time itself should bend in half,

If life itself could never last,

We’ll just walk backwards, through the past,

And pray we never make it back…

They say you’ve made a mess of me,

But where are they when you’re next to me?

Just bringing out the best of me.

Your love, it was

Pure fantasy.

Your laugh keeps flashing

Back to me.

And so I know you have to be

So timeless, even after me…

If everything must come to pass,

And nothing’s truly made to last,

I’ll try to find the faith to trust

That “timeless” is the name for us.

I’ve never dreamt like others dream.

I’ve never seen how others see.

But something’s still convincing me

That this

Was meant to be.

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