I had followed you to Heaven.

Pressed you into my skin.

When you left me for the morning,

I fell to the ground again.

I stumbled to the water, believing I could see

The paradise we shared

Forever cast in these reflections,

Without you catching me.

I washed the red regret

Out of a busted lip,

I shed my blood in shame.

I plucked my feathers free,

Cast my crown to the sea,

Took up another name.

Well now that I remember

That sacred place in time,

My mouth won’t be silenced.

My heart burns to fly.

But there was born a memory,

So vivid, in my mind;

Until I reach your body,

It’s you I’m here to find.

You came with me to Canaan,

And never was it meant to be.

I had to fall, to get here.

But you came so willingly.

You decorate your face

With every smile you fake,

Starving your sanity.

With every new mistake,

You strip my breath away,

You are a masterpiece.

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