It Hurts

A practical deity.

Flashing back to the 2010’s.

Maybe I can tell you

How bad it hurts,

To see your love

Become your captor

And your curse.

Ripped from my arms

And driven out into the Earth,

I pray, this one time,

My prayers be heard.

Do you know what it’s like

To know you’re alive,

But that I can’t see you?

That I can’t touch your life?

Feeling like I’m failing

With every passing day

Knowing damn well inside,

There’s no chance to say

That I miss you. That I love you,

More than conscience can tell,

More than intuition can guide you,

I am going through Hell.

But I’m going through.

Not sticking to.

You have to understand though,

I’m reminded of you…

By every beautiful thing

That still exists.

Wishing I could share them with you.

What used to be sweet, now just makes me feel


I still have your hat.

I still have your gifts.

Quetzal will shine in all four of our eyes.

Sweet child, I can promise you this.

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