Church of The Ivory Moon 

Fill it up high,

We can fill it up.

 Take it to the sky,

Is it high enough?

Until the glow is bright enough

To outshine any Sun.

On the shoulders of giants, 
We stand to reach the heavens.

The magical marble of the night

Is nestled in her blanket, never-ending.
We pour our hearts into the chalice,

Our offering from the binding planet,

Which calls to her, by the ocean we must share.

And by the constant hum of her radiance, her excellence,

We send to her our messages 

Of peace, and of hope

And of the need we also keep for her,

Within us all.
You have always been here.

You are the miracle of dusk.

You are the face of grace,

In every darkening place.

And we can fill you up,

We can lift you high.

With the light that you give, as You rule the sky.

Our treasure of the Great Mystery.

Our Lady of The Dusk.

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