Before Her Time

A story of a sweet young girl, but I don’t know how to start it,

Forced into the swift decision to be hurt, or to be heartless.

Time flies when you’re in 7th grade, but now you’re playing mama 

To your precious baby brother, that your mother never wanted.

And people talk, but talk is cheap, and don’t you ever doubt it.

They shut their eyes and pass on by, like they know nothing about this.

A man who thinks he’s got the right to put his money where her mouth is,

Wraps her ponytail into his fist, and reminds her that he’s waiting. 

Lifts her from her purple knees, but she drops down and gets to praying…

Now she’s taking Amnotrypterol, just getting high before the fall

When the back of your mind is on display for all to see,
And a dope fiend crouches down to whisper “You belong to me.”

How long can this last before the past reaches forward to answer all their crimes?

I can’t say, maybe she’ll save her own day… Made a woman, long before her time.

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