Are you feeling the weight? Do you want to feel better?

Let me teach you a proven method;

You know you’re a maker, with the power to move,

A true artist, whose garden is always in bloom.

And you’ve spent your entire life on a mission to build,

Until your visions are clear, and your heart is fulfilled.

But why do we deny the violence inside, which demands to be set free?

Not the kind that ends lives, but the type that provides the sweet balance we truly need.

Nothing is created, without the loss of something that came before. But so often, the message is misunderstood. 

We treasure the seeding, but without the harvest, there would be no food.

We clamor for pleasure, but in the absence of pressure, we lose feeling, going numb too soon.

And without destruction to serve its function, there can be no greater good.

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