Apache’s Bid For Renacuajo

Bounding down the hall now, Leaping from the tower, Renacuajo, come to me Renacuajo, run to me. Sneaking through the window, Creeping in the garden, Renacuajo, come to me Renacuajo, run to me. Secret, better left unspoken Promise, better kept unbroken, Renacuajo, leave with me. Renacuajo, we could be So far. In a world that […]


​How did we end up alone again? I thought this was your party. Thought I was just your friend. And knowing you’ve been doing what you like… I’m trying not to imagine you and… Let’s give in, this time. I’ve got another life, and it’s waiting for me. But this is something real, I can’t […]


​ I have to be careful. I don’t want to be obscene… But what she did to me, you have to understand. I’d spent a thousand years within her shady palace walls. She brought my body to the limit. She taught me how to give. And keep giving, until I’m out of breath and dizzy. […]