A practical deity.

Flashing back to the 90s.

I had planned out all I had to say,

But I got home, and got the news today,

That somebody thinks she can come between

You and I, my heart, my King.

Switch your name,

Tell you lies.

It won’t change

This love inside.

You are a miracle,

Live like it’s true.

Never lose faith in the good that you do.

And I know you won’t fall,

You won’t lose.

I dream a better life for you.

Baby, love yourself.

Like you know I do.

Never go crazy, chasing fools.

But give all you can, in the name of the act

Please live, please be wild

Be better than that.

And the day will come

 When walls of darkness crumble.

There will be no worries,

No more trouble.

At least, not for the greatest living thing,

Who claps his tiny hands and laughs, as Seraphim sing.

Mystery, no pain.

My Andreus, my King.

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