A straightforward plan To pull the curtain back, And reveal the pure, naked truth of all creation. Now we subvert reality, And overcome conscience To become less, somehow, Than the sum of the parts. Horizons, unexplored. Depths, unsearched, But scanned like a tray of Party snacks, by bored, careless eyes. Miracles witnessed through bulletproof, Adventure-proof […]

Mama Tumbaka

‚ÄčI was so small, back then.  I think I lived alone.  I was in a dark, cluttered alley. Empty boxes stacked high and always tumbling over each other.  There was only one window with a light on. The only light in the alley. That’s where Mama Tumbaka lived.  She was dark, and vastly mysterious.  She […]

His World

I could run forever, But I will never hide. Because I am so much more than what you see now, from outside. I stood to face the battle, and I took my licks each time. I survived the millionth mile, and still you see my smile. And you think you know somebody, You’ve already decided. But […]