Gabriel Muerza’s Revised Notes

The first was in an ancient place we all know well;  A crater deeper than the sea, where it’s hotter than Hell.

The air in this place is thick, and sour.

This is where you will find the

Verano Windflower.

The second location is a bitter pill to swallow;

Where Jezequel’s Devil laid waste to his followers.

But there was a garden, untouched by his power.

This is where you will find the

Otoño Windflower.

The third is a tundra, where most meet their demise;

By avalanche or ambush,

By lungs filled with ice.

Where the Cedar Folk hide, and snowstorms devour,

This is where you will find the

Invierno Windflower.

The last of these treasures, and its power to harness,

Is rooted deep, in Nuestra Madre’s forest.

You will set forth the Earth’s final hours,

When you reach down to pick the

Primavera Windflower.

Of all these details, the most important,
Is to gather these four in the proper order;

Summer springs before the second,

Winter falls before the fourth,

Pick the Windflowers,

And the world is yours.

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