His World

I could run forever,
But I will never hide.

Because I am so much more than what you see now, from outside.

I stood to face the battle, and I took my licks each time.

I survived the millionth mile, and still you see my smile.

And you think you know somebody,

You’ve already decided.

But all you’ve seen of me is what I leave,

In hopes you’ll find it.

Now you’ve gone a step too far.

You took me for a game.

You thought I was less than the best,

And I guess that’s my mistake.

Let me show you what I’m made of.
Do you have the power,

To satisfy the Moon?

When your blood is all she wants

And now her wolves are after you?

Can you hear a woman screaming,

And run to save her life,

When His World is forever,

And will last for centuries long beyond that fight?

To spit into a dragon’s eye,

And see him spin around,

But somehow stand with shaking hands,

Before he knocks you down.

And this is not to hurt you,

But it’s what I have to say.

And those who chose to close their ears and minds,

They laugh and turn away.

But there’s another world out there,

And cherish this, your gift:

That His World is a burden that you’ll never have to lift.

That His World is a special Hell, you’ll never have to live.

That for you, His World is fantasy, for many souls, it’s what life is.

So let me show you what I’m made of.

I am Hannah, I am Chase.

I am every child, at any age,

Who have no voice to tell their pain, 

Real children, my siblings, now passed away.

I am Sarah in her grace,

And I am Andre, too.

I am every squeal and scream escaping from their rooms.

So remember this, before you piss 

Away your life and time,

For every World like His,

Another’s innocence must die.

Fill the world with understanding,

Overflow with love,

Until the day he shows his face,

Let me show you what I’m made of.

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