I’ll save a place for you. Where we can look behind us and remember. Or maybe, we’ll decide to let it go. What brought our souls together was the fight. Forced into the struggle for our lives. I’ll go first, I’ll save a place for you. When you came down, I found out just how […]


Could you give yourself away a thousand times, Before they start to recognize  Devotion in its purest form, A bouquet of roses, for a handful of thorns? Could you gift to her a melody That plays into eternity, In hope for what may never be,  And surrender your pride so easily? Some of us are […]

Momma’s Tamales

Lie on my name, Use up my soul and my body. As long as you offer me Your Momma’s tamales. You can burn down my house, You can throw me out. Pretend I don’t exist, And yeah, you’ll be missed, But I won’t be too pissed, As long as you promise me Your Momma’s tamales.

What Makes A Person?

What makes you a person?  Eating, drinking, shitting? Growing, breathing? The size of their brain? The size of their heart, or body? What really makes a person? The language they speak? The ability to think and remember? What makes a person? How similar they look to you? How their face is shaped? Their number of […]

Le Créateur

Lundi, Mardi, I was new, I met you in Her mother’s room. She held me to the Southern sky, I chose your mask while you chose mine. I am just a freckle on the cheek Of a universe that’s always growing Deeper and more beautiful… Lundi, Mardi, Paint my face, Caramel corn and Joseph’s Grace. […]

EarthBone Crossing

She told me she’d been tumbling in the breeze. Sleeping in the park those nights, I was bound to freeze. So I caved, I let her pull me to the side.  She lit another cigarette, we got into her ride.   Staring through her sunroof to the starry sky, She asked “Do you believe in […]

I Sometimes Do

My mouth went dry, just listening; They painted in blacks and blues. The lights were out, the children hidden in their room. Do you remember Summer nights they suffered through? Someone set the curtains burning, Andre ran into the bathroom with a knife. He climbed the shower stall, slipped through the window, into the night. […]


Beginning in a fable, an antique piece of art, A tapestry unfurled for me, in a sky of fading stars. In the spirit of lust, I shed the carcass of my soul. Hair like sunset swept over my body. Lips of velvet grazed me softly. Here I am again, with this injustice on my mind: […]