Some Beautiful, Fantastic Thing

In your desert garden, I’ve seen rings of colored clay, 

Draped thoughtfully about the scene, where vipers seek their prey.

I’ve seen the streaks of purple in rebellion 

Against a quilt of sullen greys,

And the gentle mist that rises from your lips as they separate.

I’ve climbed your spiral stairs of marble, for a glass of cherry wine,
To bring my courage to the surface, to bring your hips up close to mine.

And to bathe in your oasis over smokeless candlelight,

I’m just a beginner, bound to my hunger, a humble witness to the sight.

And you. You are some beautiful, fantastic thing. And I love the ways you are.

You are still my morning chorus and my brightest evening star.

You possess the loveliness to bring a man to tears, bring him to his knees.
When you are with me, I have no greater need.

 You are some beautiful, fantastic thing.

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