You feel it, or you don’t.

That’s what they say.

It’s in you, it’s overflowing,

Or it’s not.

But there’s no question, I had no choice,

When I gave my heart, my time, my voice

To the power of the Technicolor Cross.

The fire in my soul, it guides my hands,

And I give my life away each night, I’m frozen in this dance.

To give it all up, for the sake of the story.

The colors bleeding out from me,

My stains, my pain, this glory.

And it started out so selfishly, to bring a dream to life.

But now I’m bleeding, Now I’m screaming

For this sacrifice.


And it’s beautiful.

It’s all I want to do.

To suffer for my love,

To push myself beyond…

And I know not where I’m going,

Only that I’ll never stop.

I gave my eyes, my hands, my life

To the Technicolor Cross.

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