Le Créateur

Lundi, Mardi,

I was new, I met you in

Her mother’s room.

She held me to the Southern sky,

I chose your mask while you chose mine.

I am just a freckle on the cheek

Of a universe that’s always growing

Deeper and more beautiful…

Lundi, Mardi,

Paint my face,

Caramel corn and Joseph’s Grace.

Mosquito bites and flashing lights,

My fading past, my long gone life.

I am just a kink in the nappy hair

Of a Spirit that loves us all for the joy of loving us…

Lundi, Mardi,

We got high,

On happiness, our city bright.

Tossing candy to the crowd,

Facepaint sweat fell to the ground.

Lundi, Mardi, I was proud,

Those clapping hands, those trumpets, loud…

I am just the humble earthly reflection

Of your beautiful, yellow, moon-kissed complexion…

Lundi, Mardi,

We would ride

Our paper planes into the night.

Beads and screams, my mother’s mask,

Lundi, Mardi,

Please come back.


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