Blackberry iced tea Bubbling in my troubled stomach. Nerves shriveled, bundled up into a tangled mass. Can’t stop my hands from shaking, Every dizzy sip I take, I’m sucking air. Worried I might drop my trembling glass. Eyes dancing everywhere, except for the mirror to my right. Afraid that if I see my own… There’s […]


​Don’t you know he has nothing to lose? He once had a home, a family too. But now that’s over and gone away, The Headhunter stalks you, in the light of the day. Twin blades in their straps, fastened tightly to his back, He knows how to use them, and he makes it look easy. […]

I Think You’re Beautiful

Did you know I think you’re beautiful? And I find myself most days Just staring into space, Imagining that we were face-to-face. And I could write just anything, But you’ve still got to know You’re perfect in my eyes, My mind, my heart can’t let you go. – You know I think you’re beautiful. But […]


A room with copper-colored walls. Under a buzzing light so blue. Designed to hide my lazy crime Of doing nothing for the truth. How can I sit right here? How can I rest? Knowing that the first of worlds Is slipping fast into the last? We were all supposed to care, We were all supposed […]