The Facts

I got 20 minutes left. These are the facts:

The universe was only fire. Walls of flame, extending from each direction, with no top or bottom, no beginning or end to the spark.

Raw energy burned like this for so long, and an incredibly thick. black smoke would pour out from the embers.

The smoke was created from millennia of the fiery energy burning through itself. It was, in essence, the opposite of the fire it was born to;

Blacker than can be seen on Earth, and cold beyond imagination.

As time progressed, the smoke clouds began to grow thicker and more numerous than the raw energy surrounding it.

The darkness began to swallow pockets of that light. Soon, there was much more blackness than there were pockets of light, and as the supernatural smoke consumed the fire, these great, flaming masses became fewer and fewer.

Eventually, the smaller spaces of light began to collapse and explode under the suffocating darkness, and what was left of those pockets of light became what we called the stars.

Like the last blank space on a piece of paper, drenched in ink, waiting patiently and knowingly for the blackness to snuff it out, into nothingness,

They wait.

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