You & I, Amor

Let me take your jacket, hang it on the door.

You can strip your inhibitions, indecision to the floor.

Put your feet up, lay your head back,

If you dare explore

A universe so fine, designed by you and I, Amor.

Any place you can imagine,

Our rocketship can go.

From misty tower peaks,

To grassy valleys, down below.

And up here, there’s no law, no logic,

It’s okay to drink and fly,

Moscato moods consume

As Martian moons go spinning by.

Alone with you.

That’s all I want to be.

At home in you

With dimming lights to see

Your jacket hanging from our bedroom door.

And I’m the one deceiving me,

Allowing me to still believe in

You and I, Amor.


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