Alejandro’s Seraph

Is it really so bad that you have to hide?

This is the highest trip, this is your life.

And I’m the One who made you, I gathered the dust,

Of diamonds and red ochre,

The heart of the dove.

But with fiery wings, you cover your eyes,

Tucked away in a cloud,

So high, and so blind.

Is it heavenly shame,

Or earthly pride,

That scares you the most,

That destroys you inside?

Take my love for your possession,

And keep it wherever you are,

Even fallen and forgotten,

You were born among these stars.

And I will never leave you all alone.

I made you, I knew you before you were real,

I am your spirit, the light of the world.

You are my flesh and bones.

And still I wonder why you choose to hide.

Is it the hurting earth, the children dying?

Or is it apathy? Is it that you really don’t mind

What happens on Earth, if Heaven’s fine?

The pain you feel for the suffering of all those souls…

Is the answer to my question

Beneath your crown of gold?

How you can burn so brightly,

Yet feel so cold.

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