​Don’t you know he has nothing to lose?

He once had a home, a family too.

But now that’s over and gone away,

The Headhunter stalks you, in the light of the day.

Twin blades in their straps, fastened tightly to his back,

He knows how to use them, and he makes it look easy.

Pistol on his hip, a shiv up his sleeve,

The Headhunter stalks you, he’ll be there in “3”.

He once had a name assigned to his face, 

Now hidden by layers of steel and dust.

No need for a handle, nobody dare call.

No bondage of conscience,

No forgiveness, no trust.

Spying life through the iron eye 

Of his favorite gun,

The Headhunter lives for the thrill of the kill, the joy of the hunt.

New arrivals and true survivors are few,

The Headhunter stalks you, he’ll be there in “2”.

What can you offer a man 

who has the world at his hand?

A killer, baptized in the blood of 

Both lion and lamb?

A millennium’s vengeance,

The penance for evil, that no weapon can destroy, no coward can outrun.

The headhunter is stalking you,

He’ll be here in “1”.

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