I Think You’re Beautiful

Did you know I think you’re beautiful?

And I find myself most days

Just staring into space,

Imagining that we were face-to-face.

And I could write just anything,

But you’ve still got to know

You’re perfect in my eyes,

My mind, my heart can’t let you go.

You know I think you’re beautiful.

But I have to tell you twice.

At least, I have to say it right,

Grasping for the words I hope to find;

I love the the crazy things you say,

The silky smile you wear,

To dress your velvet lips,

It’s all that I can do to stare.

Did you know I think you’re beautiful?

Even when you’re feeling down,

To take you by your shoulder,

Spinning you around,

To do the things we want to do,

And lose you in the sound

Of crashing comets in the blue,

That’s the way my heart would pound.

But did you know I think you’re beautiful?

A living fantasy,

And anytime you want to play,

I’ll do so happily.

Because those holes torn in your stockings

Send me spinning to my death.

And if there aren’t any,

I might make a few myself.

If you were close enough to reach,

I’d help you to your feet,

To meet me in another place,

That only we can see.

Lost between your lips,

Beneath a pair of racing stars,

Did you know I think you’re beautiful?

Let’s stay here in the dark.

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