A room with copper-colored walls.

Under a buzzing light so blue.

Designed to hide my lazy crime

Of doing nothing for the truth.

How can I sit right here?

How can I rest?

Knowing that the first of worlds

Is slipping fast into the last?

We were all supposed to care,

We were all supposed to live.

We were promised something rare,

And still we beg the Heart to give…

Taking our fill.

Placing our stones.

Poisoning blood with the drills

And the rattling of her bones.

Do we think that it’s fine?

Are we thinking at all?

Or do we snatch grapes from the vine,

As it cringes in its crawl?

Or the mouse in the tall grass,

Only seeking to survive.

The humpback sinking slowly,

With a tumor over his eye.

The old bison’s breath,

Not as thick as the smoke,

That seeps from machines that scream,

As they raze his only home.

A Cedar Heart is beating,

It’s trying to let us know

The time that we’re speeding through

Was the time we had to grow…

The burning of effigies,

The rape of the seas.

The children of Kyushu,

The ravages of disease.

The destruction of majesty

Across Africa’s wild,

The nesting of cancers,

In an innocent child.

The antlers of angels

Now a symbol of death.

A pledge of indifference,

Our palms nailed to our chests.

A Cedar Heart is bleeding,

Saying “Please let me go,

If you can’t hear me crying,

Will you feel me explode?

I brought life to the nothingness,

Rose the land from the deep,

I tore myself open for you,

And you flood me with grief.

You stitch me with asphalt roads.

Seal my skin with cement.

And your siblings, the animals,

Tell me please, where they went.”

The rupturing of an atmosphere,

Splitting ribs from the atom.

On the eve of destruction

Only the Serpent could fathom.

Why do I think of you?

Pretending you aren’t there.

I want not to know this.

I want not to care.

Tell me what is this feeling…

Like my mind could explode.

A Cedar Heart is healing,

Saying “I won’t let go.”


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