When He Made You

To answer the Sun, God created the Moon, But forgot about me, when He made you.

Didn’t He know that I would search every corner of Hell, and the peaks of the Earth?

That nothing could stop me from doing the work that your beautiful face, your embrace is worth?

God painted the sky, to answer the sea

And He let there be rain, so the two would be

Connected forever, by wave and by zephyr,

But Father, what did you leave for me?

I’d climb a bolt of lightning, to be tossed by her storm,

I’d drown in her ocean, just to wash up on her shore.

But then the sweet sound of your feet on the ground

Sent my fuzzy head spinning, as you spun me around.

I had to get to know this girl, I had to have you here,

Ruby gaze glistening, each time you smile, suddenly my mind is clear.

No need for an answer, I already knew.

God was thinking of me, when He made you.


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