Ice and gravel mingle under one forgotten star
5 billion miles from rightside-up,

From where they think you are. 

Swallow truth, you always do.

You cross your heart in doubles, too

Now “X” marks both the spot you seek

 And a heart that beats in its humble groove. 

But who can hear, for the empty space, 

And who could reach, for the measures you take, 

To number saint and sinner  all the same. 

And human as you are, within your heart, that burning star 

Has set you far away from where they said you’d be.

 And when you leave, no mystery will take your place.

No earthly trace, no question should remain. 

Ice and gravel, crunching on the bleached and beaten plains, 

The last you’ll fly, 5 billion miles, 

Overwhelmed by the visions you dreamt in your life,

 Now unfolding before you, through eternity’s eyes

And landing in victory, with icicle tears, and a subtle, understanding smile.

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