My Intention

​My intention is

 to spoil your lips in earthly umber,

And deck your wrists in frosted, golden bangles.

A glistening band around every other finger,

A Morning Glory flower, in your crazy, wavy tangles.

I want to offer you the sticky sweetness of a caramel creation,

Chunks of honeydew still dripping,

heavy beats and swelling cheeks.

Button snaps and leather straps to decorate your feet.

I want to get you on the rooftop dancing to cicada screams,

Until they hush into a hum,

And repeat these words to you,

So you’ll know where I’m coming from.

Put you in the mood to let your feelings overflow,

Give you everything you need until your garden’s overgrown.

Ivy climbing the walls, but I…

I don’t notice at all.

All I want to do is squeeze myself

right up into your life,

And be the one to satisfy your appetite.

And then?

Draw the curtains,

Shut the door, and

Paint a portrait of the mystery who I’m still dreaming of,

And redefine every little thing you thought love was.

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