Simon Stay

Simon, breathe.

Take up all the sunshine, the air you need.

Don’t leave, Simon please.

Stay with me forever, can’t it be

In the old yard playing so long, you and me.

Simon now I’m praying, on my knees.

Simon stay.

You have always been the better part

Of everything we feel between our hearts.

The innocence of nature and the incidents that made us

Who we are.

Simon stay. Promise me you’re coming home again.

Simon know that you’re more than my friend.

You’re necessary, you can’t comprehend…

All the pain you’ve seen me through and all the hoops that we jumped through to make this home again.

Simon please, don’t you understand what it’s going to mean

 The last time that we meet?

Simon please

 Promise me that you’ll be running free.

But do me one more favor… wait for me.

At the gates where I will find you,

I’ll be coming up behind you, this I pray,

Please Simon stay.

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