Soda Pop

Saving quarters, I’m stacking coins on the kitchen counter.

Skipping lunches, I’m chasing sleep, it’s what you’re all about.

I’m craving you so much.

Still I hesitate to touch,

Sweet tooth buried deep in my heavy tongue.

Coffee could stain my teeth and soul,

Candy never lasts for long.

But soda pop, that’s got to be your name.

Soda pop lives in the way you step,

I can’t get free, I can’t get rest

Without this simple selfishness.

And you just look at me like you must know…

Pop goes the top.

I want to shake you up until you bubble over.

Droplets running down your slippery sides,

Form sticky rings around your feet as you bubble and burst.

Up on my kitchen counter,

That’s where I want you first.

And not one drop can go to waste, in love.

I could have so much of you and never get enough.

So I’ll keep sipping, I’ll keep slipping deeper into you.

I’ll keep drinking, I’ll keep sinking deeper into you.

A puddle of your love is all I see,

All the way down, until we hit the bottom,

Rosy flesh aflame, in ecstasy,

Your smooth, sparkling lips separate against my own,

And the puddle turns quickly, to sticky foam

But not a drop goes to waste in love.

Soda Pop.

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