Both Hands

​I held you in a delicate embrace. I was blessed to be the first on Earth to see your perfect face. I knew you were the reason for everything that ever happened. You offered me smiles, you chased away the taste of sadness. You slept on my chest, some nights I had with you. Scratching […]

Any Excuse

Maybe I just need something to do, But distraction only matters when I’m satisfying you. I guess that I just need a new excuse, A reason to be captivated, say it ’til it’s true.– And yes, I choose to meditate in madness, Where magic is the only written rule. But that’s exactly when you tap […]

Blue Talk

I don’t know what’s happening in my chest. When we lock eyes, I lose all my defenses. And I feel this need I never knew, To keep myself from wanting you, But still, my dreams don’t seem to get the message. I’ve seen you and I, Adrift among the passersby, No blue talk, just the […]

Bourbon Street Rapture

​We’d heard that life was but a dream, Had in a cold and bitter sleep, As rapids, rushing to the deep Swallow whole each living thing. And here we learn the passing of the seasons. Bobbing at the surface, we speculate, we reason With ourselves to be accepting of the ride. We pour into oceans, […]