It’s not a third eye in your head, like a door you can open.

It’s not something that you reach when you pass away or fast and pray.

 You don’t collect it to earn a better world, a favorite wish becoming truth, in fantastic resolution.

It is both feast and famine, the backbone of the biggest trip.

The loss and gain of all you ever had. But never one without the other. It’s always an exchange, that loss and gain.

Of what? Your essence. It’s you, in full color. In stereo. 

Mana. It exists quietly, but abundantly. It’s like an ocean of golden light, floating undisturbed in a hidden dimension.

 An ocean that spills over. Countless beams of incorruptible light, trickling through space, into the hearts of the children of the universe. Feeding the hungry souls of every living thing. 

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