I Am Here

Some days you wonder if the world is on a mission

To break you down, and drive you to the point of pure submission.

You wonder if you’re the one who’s doing things wrong.

And that’s the sadness sinking in, that’s the trip you’re on.

But it’s worth asking, even so,

When you’re feeling down,
I have to know

What it is you’re down there looking for.

If you let me, I will give you so much more…

If you let me, I can help you change your mind,

Away from worry, away from all the crying.

Unclench your tired fist, and let me in.

 Wipe the last tear clear from your quivering chin.

I want to be the answer on the line.–

It’s easy to get lost within the darkness,

 It feels like people criticize your life at every chance. 

It seems the ones who work and love the hardest, 

Get stomped into the dirt by circumstances.

But even if it’s true, that’s not the end.

As long as I’m right here to be your friend,

I’ll sit with you and listen to your fears.

Holding your hand, console you through the tears.

Because for all the pain and heartache you’ve been feeling

I want to be the inspiration, I want to be the reason 

For your smile. For your laugh.

The beginning of the last

Pointless pain you ever feel,

Yes, I am here.

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