Love Letters

Flipping through the pages of a fading memory,

Ragged edges, curling inward,

I’m searching for the letters, and the rhythm

When assembled, they become a beacon to your shores.

This thing in me is designed

Not to tell you that I miss you,

Not to say I need you here,

But to let you know that I know what it was.

The letters that might melt together

Spin a silk of sweet reflection

Seen clearly in my mind.

That of who you are to me, and what I see in you.

Line after line, they swell and overwhelm.

These symbols, meaning nothing on their own.

Carried into the realm of passion, by a pair of ruby wings

These love letters.

I need a shorter, faster, deeper way to say

Not that I love you, not that I need you here,

But that I understand that something here

Once grew.

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